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Whether you want to add an image or a plain color as background for your page you need to specify it in the <body>-tag.


Simply adding a backgroundcolor to your page is easy. All you need to do is add a bgcolor-property to the bodytag:

<body bgcolor="#FF0000">

Click here to learn about the hexadecimal system (f.ex. "#FF00CC") used in HTML to indicate colours.

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If you want to add a backgroundimage instead of a plain color there are some considerations you should make before doing so:

  • Is the backgroundimage discrete enough to not take away the focus from whats written on it.

  • Will the backgroundimage work with the textcolors and linkcolors I set up for the page.

  • Will the backgroundimage work with the other images I want to put on the page.

  • How long will the page take to load my backgroundimage. Is it simply too big.

  • Will the backgroundimage work when it is copied to fill the entire page. In all screen-resolutions.

After answering these questions, and still wanting to add the backgroundimage you will need to specify inthe <body>-tag which image should be used for the background:

<body background="drkrainbow.gif">

When you choose to use a backgroundimage for the page it is always a good idea to specify a backgroundcolor as well.

The reason is that untill the backgroundimage is loaded, the backgroundcolor will be shown. If the difference between the backgroundcolor and the backgroundimage is too big it will be disturbing once the browser shifts the backgroundcolor with the image. Therefore it is a good idea to specify a backgroundcolor that matches the colors of the image as close as possible.

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The background image will scroll when the user scrolls down the page, unless you have set it to be fixed:

<body background="drkrainbow.gif" bgproperties="fixed">

By adding the bgproperties="fixed" you force the browser to let the background be fixed even if the user is scrolling down the page. This effect is sometimes referred to as creating a watermark.

Note: Watermarks does not work in netscape browsers - instead they simply act as normal backgrounds.

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